Hair Care

  • ALWAYS use a sulfate/paraben FREE shampoo and conditioner in order to maintain quality of hair
  • Always brush through hair before shampooing

CONDITION: hair at least once every 1-2weeks

SHAMPOO: hair once every 2 1/2 weeks or as needed if product buildup is present

  • Cowash hair before installing 
  • When detangling hair, ALWAYS start from the ends working your way up the mid shaft, ending at the roots/weft.
  •  Do not over shampoo your hair (this will result in dryness)
  • When using a hot tool ALWAY use a small amount of heat protection before styling (Low -medium setting)
  • Air drying hair is recommended , this will make hair last longer.(if you must blow dry for faster drying use low-medium setting)
  • Before bed ALWAYS wrap, braid or pin up hair in silk/satin scarf or bonnet. for frontal/closures , tie down with silk/satin head wrap.

Lash Care

  • Be gentle when removing lash from tray
  • Always place lashes back into tray when not wearing
  • Clean after every wear
  • Dont let glue buildup on lash band "less is more" so dont cake on your lash glue
  • Do not pull glue off dry lashes, soak first allowing glue to soften
  • Do not pull and/or tug on lashes
  • Avoid rubbing eyes while lashes are on
  • Be gentle when removing your lashes from eyes